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Crimp Your Cable

How to… Make Straight Through Network Cables!

Material and Tools: Scissors, CAT6 Network Cable, EZ RJ45 CAT6 Connectors, EZ RJ45 Network Cable Crimper, Cable Tester.

This is how:

  1. Using the scissors, strip 2” of the sleeve off.
  2. With the string that comes in the cable itself, rip down the sleeve another 2 inches. If the cable doesn’t have a string, carefully use the tip of the scissors to cut down the sleeve. Do not damage the cables! That is the goal.
  3. Cut off the 4” of sleeve excess.
  4. Cut off about 1” of the cables themselves.
  5. Carefully remove and discard the core.
  6. Untwist and straighten the eight cables.
  7. Hold the cables tightly between your finger and thumb, and align them in the following order (Scheme T568B):

Orange/White, Orange, Green/White, Blue, Blue/White, Green, Brown/White, Brown

  1. Insert the cables into the EZ RJ45 Connector. Make sure the pin is underneath and is pointing at you.
  2. Insert the cables and connector into the EZ RJ45 all the way into the crimper. Firmly press down so that the crimper secures the cables inside the connector and cuts off the excess cables.
  3. Repeat above steps at the other end of the cable.
  4. Don’t forget to test the cables with the cable tester! It will give you peace of mind knowing that the cables are well done and will save you a lot time when troubleshooting network problems.

adapted from How to… Make Straight Through Network Cables! by Daniel Arauz


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